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Note: My example blanket is 4x7 panels. if your t-shirts have designs on the front and the back, then you can get two panels out of one t-shirt.T-shirt quilts have long been a popular method of preserving memories.

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See how to work with shirts of different sizes, adding fillers, borders and more to really make it yours.A few years ago I made a quick and easy T-shirt quilt for my daughter Emily, and I recently made a coordinating one for her hubbie, David.Use this to your advantage and design a quilt around a special.

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Our daughter wants me to help her make one with T-Shirts her Step-Son got and wore from his racing car days.You only need 30 designs for this size, so you can use backs and fronts of the same shirt.

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Use them to create an unforgettable and precious gift for a family member or friend.

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Beginning quilters will have no problem making a T- shirt quilt of one of the types described in this.Why not upcycle them into a stylish T-shirt quilt using your overlocker.

Just make sure to cut the back and front apart before starting step 1.

A unique design concept and 19 years of experience set a Too Cool T-shirt quilt apart from any other T-shirt quilt.

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