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Expand your watch chain collection to ensure you have an option for any occasion.The Hamilton 992B Railway Special is a high-quality railroad pocket watch.

The name Regina Pocket Watch was originally trademarked by LOUIS MAIER in Bienne Switzerland in 1888.

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Regina pocket watches were a brand of pocket watches made by Omega that were popular in the early 1900s.

What is the approximate value of a pocket watch? The case

While each company had its individual standards guideline, many included the basic recommendations of the.

Please be sure to scroll down to read our instruction pages on how to measure balance staffs, jewels, and watch crystals before ordering.First, and foremost, DEMAND determines the value of any collectible, including watches.

A watch carried in the pocket, often with a closing cover and usually attached to a chain waltham Waltham is a city in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States, billed by the Chamber of Commerce as an early center for the labor movement.This changed over the years, but generally only to be more strict and lean toward better time keeping.It has 21 jewels, 16 size, is factory adjusted to keep accurate time in all 6 positions and is lever-set. it is among the highest quality consumer items ever made in the USA.

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Based in New York City, the Majesti Watch Company, sometimes called the Majestime Watch Company, is a wholesaler of high quality fashion wrist and pocket watches.

Some of the most valuable watches are railroad pocket watches because they were produced with government-required exacting standards to ensure they kept accurate time.The gold case does not cover the face of the watch, only the back side.

The first thing that is looked at is the paperwork that may have come with the watch.History of the Illinois Watch Company (Springfield, IL 1869-1927): Organized in 1869, Illinois made many low, medium and high grade watches before being sold to the Hamilton Watch Company in 1927.This is very helpful in assessing the watch as this confirms authenticity at the outset.Rare and unusual, numbered limited edition 14K Gold Triangular Masonic pocket watch by Hiram Watch Co circa 1918 with dark blue enamel dial with Masonic symbols as hour markers and case decorated on all sides with masonic symbols in trelief and an enameled G below winding crown.

Knowledge of pocket watch cases, movements, and even manufacturer specifications are all important elements of identifying the value of a pocket watch.In addition, having the original box, bill of sale, or other provenance papers will add to the value.

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Thus decreasing the rarity of the pocket watch and therefore its value.

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Molnija wolves, 3602 movement, 18 jewels, Made in USSR on the dial, plastic dial, solid silverine case.In this pocket watch we see A.W.W.Co. Riverside Waltham, Mass. Adjusted. This identifies the watch as being made by the American Waltham Watch Co.

It was important in Victorian times because the wristwatch was not used.

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Unusual gold filled, early 20th century, dress pocket watch by Crest in excellent condition and with initial plate on the case back that has not been engraved.

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Based on the serial numbers, the watch was made in 1924, and has a Swiss movement.

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